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Emergency Full Evening Show by Joseph Elon Kemp (Revised Edition)Emergency Full Evening Show
by Joseph Elon Kemp

Imagine that an airline has lost your luggage, your props, and even your wallet ... yet you have a theater show to give in just a few days. What would you do?

This informative book explains how you can enter any strange city, cold turkey, without a cent in your pocket, without a bit of magical equipment to your name, and rent a large auditorium, put out publicity and advertising, pay your hotel and living expenses and prepare a sensational, full-evening magic show that will send your audience away happy and satisfied, and fill your pocket with cash.

Nothing is left to chance. The entire procedure is clearly explained.

  • Hundreds of tricks are listed which require but a few minutes' preparation, with materials easily purchased in any community.
  • Several excellent routines to choose from.
  • Sensational publicity campaign explained in full.
  • Reveals HOW TO GET THE MONEY to pay all major expenses, even before the box office opens.

YOU MAY BE RICH—-YOU MAY HAVE TONS of magical apparatus—-but the time may come when even you will be caught short, without any paraphernalia in your possession, and no immediate way to obtain same, yet you will have the ability to present a full evening show to get back on your feet.

It happens sooner or later to magicians of every social and skill level--it may happen to you. Be prepared--know what to do in case of such an emergency. Even if another economic depression comes—-you won't need to be caught short.

No magician or mentalist can afford to be without this valuable manuscript.

Now updated to provide additional resources to rely on in case the unthinkable should happen.

"One of the best investments any magician could make. Highly recommended."
  --John J. Crimmins

Revised and expanded edition includes two new chapters, two new topics, plus additional suggestions.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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(B) Get the print edition from House of Mystery Books.


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