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by U. F. Grant

Leave it to the inventive genius of U. F. Grant for recognizing the need for this booklet, and for coming up with subtle replacements for these stalwarts of the sleight-of-hand performer’s bag of tricks.

Many terrific card tricks rely on sleights that, for whatever reason, some magicians don't wish to learn.

For example, they may believe that their hands are too small to properly palm a card. Or they don't possess sufficient nerve to perform "The Pass" in front of a spectator.

Other performers will be curious to know what alternatives exist for forcing a card or switching a deck.

After all, a true magician is always on the hunt for the ideal method, even though the one he or she has been using for years may be quite satisfactory.

No matter what your skill or comfort level with sleights, you're sure to find something here that you can put to use right away.

This book will open up a world of clever card magic that you've put off for far too long.

"For anybody who hasn't time to practice difficult sleights, this is the answer, and will make him [or her] an expert in the minds of the audience." (Mike Kanter)

"Explains twelve methods to make a pass, a palm, a switch, or to force a card, and all eliminating manipulation. The ideas are sound, useful, and very easy." (John Mulholland)

"Obviously just the thing for those who like their card work easy." (Tom Bowyer)

Magic World revised edition includes two new chapters, plus additional new content.

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