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The Eighth Wonder by Albert Forrest (Revised Edition)The Eighth Wonder
by Albert Forrest

This hard-to-find title contains a wealth of dealer-quality club and stage magic, mentalism, and more for you to perform and enjoy.

Here's a book from 1935 that, until now, has been out of print and jealously hoarded by collectors. It's filled with entertaining magic for close-up, club and stage.

Clearly explained and well-illustrated, this goldmine of magic contains effects that will entertain as well today, as they did back when this book was originally released.

Divided into chapters, you'll find clever magic themed for Stage and Club, Comedy, Mentalism, and Card Effects.

And only in this revised edition do you receive additional, updated material, including two added chapters, revised illustrations, and more. And, for the first time ever, you'll get to know more about the background and life of this mysterious author.

Partial contents:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction

  • A Flash Production
  • Visible Production Cage
  • A Modern Miser's Dream
  • A Handy Little Switching Cabinet
  • Bang! Off Goes A Bunny
  • A Self-Lighting Cigarette
  • The Artistic Touch
  • The Spirit Bottle

  • A Novel Tearing Effect
  • Foxy Felix—A Sucker Effect
  • A Sucker Thimble Effect
  • Just a Little Fun
  • When Stronger Methods Must Be Used
  • A Comedy Watch Effect, Forrest Version
  • Burning a Borrowed Necktie

  • The Prophecy of Enaj
  • Mental Selection
  • A Suggested Routine
  • A Whisper from Hades
  • The Ghostly Hand
  • The Buzzer of Mystery
  • The Modern Way to Read Questions

  • The Prediction of V. K.
  • The Prediction of the Monklands
  • The Prediction of a Mob
  • Flight
  • An Easy Speller
  • The Mollison Card
  • The Monkland Rising Card
  • About the Author
"A book of magic for smart magicians."   --Max Holden

"A really good book."   --Percy Abbott

"Foxy Felix [found in the Comedy chapter] is a clever, easy effect ... a perfect knockout that ends in sure-fire applause."   --Horace Marshall

PDF format. Expanded reprint of the 1935 first edition. Includes two new chapters, important edits, clarifications and updates. 66 pages plus supplement. ($12 US)

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