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Early Vernon by Faucett Ross Early Vernon
by Faucett Ross

A fascinating glimpse inside the mind and methods of Dai Vernon, edited by one of his closest friends and confidants.

Contains the text and extras from the famous limited edition "Twenty Dollar Manuscript," plus two additional manuscripts that provide 14 additional close-up miracles.

Also contains the seldom-seen "Prospectus" that Vernon and Ross provided to a hand-picked list of magicians to inform them of the availability of the $20 manuscript.

A total of 27 miracles that can be performed by most any magician of average ability.

Studded with photographs of the persons involved, and other bits of Vernon memorabilia.


  • About This Book
  • Three Faces of Vernon
  • How It Began
  • Faucett Ross photo
  • The Manuscript Story
  • Sales Letter
  • The Prospectus
  • Original Cover Label

  • The Original $20.00 Manuscript
  • Vernon Five Card Mental Force
  • Vernon Miracle Card Location
  • Club Version
  • Vernon Super Count Down
  • Vernon Super Card Prediction
  • Vernon Poker Demonstration
  • Vernon Automatic Second Deal
  • Slow Motion Card Vanish
  • The Vernon Card Puzzle
  • The Vernon Four Aces
  • The Vernon Card Divination
  • Ad from Sphinx Magazine

  • Close Up Problems
  • Follow the Leader
  • Another You Do As I Do
  • Novel Card Transposition
  • Perfect Coin Vanish
  • Short Change With Long Green

  • New Vernon Variations
  • Five Card Mental Selection
  • Another Smear
  • New Super Countdown
  • Puzzling Demonstration
  • Edgewise
  • Improved Card Puzzle
  • New Divination
  • A Peek
  • Vernon Poker Routine
  • Eddie McLaughlin and Vernon photo
  • Vernon and Ross photo
  • The Professor
  • About the Author

"Extremely interesting and well-written." (Max Underwood)

"Dai Vernon's FIVE CARD MENTAL FORCE is one of the best, if not the best, card effect of its kind ever conceived. It is an almost perfect psychological force." (Gerald Kosky)

"Clever, magical and well described Vernon trickery." (Sid Lorraine)

"[Vernon's] excellence remains unchanged. One of the most knowledgeable men of our time in magic. Recommended." (John Braun)

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