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Eddie's Dumbfounders with Cards by Eddie Joseph Eddie's Dumbfounders with Cards
by Eddie Joseph

A collection of ten dumbfounding card tricks, using a regular deck and requiring no skill or sleights.

The methods are original and even when you do any one of these tricks, there are times when you wonder how the effect was arrived at.

You tell the card thought of — you tell how many cards in a person's pocket — you cause two persons to choose the identical card.

One trick entitled "One-Eye Joe" is one they'll talk about. The four Kings are placed in different parts of the deck—the deck is shuffled — and yet a spectator spells out the King of Spades, removing one card for each letter—and sure enough, at the end of the spelling, the King appears. Now the dizzy part about this particular trick is that the deck is cut and a second King is spelled out. Again the deck is cut and third King spelled. The last King causes a little trouble (?) but he, too, is spelled out in a most novel manner. And remember, no palms or sleights, etc.

Many of the methods are so clever, they're similar to the devilishly deceitful miracles of Bob Hummer. If you like card magic, you'll like this book. If you like Bob Hummer magic, you'll LOVE this book!

Originally sold for the equivalent of $25.00 in today's money when first introduced.

Format: Printed book. Magic World updated and expanded edition features three new chapters.

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