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Dovetail Deceptions by Senor Torino Dovetail Deceptions
by Senor Torino

Night club performer Senor Torino (Tony Kardyro) reveals his complete stage act in this photo-illustrated book.

You'll find dove productions, vanishes, transformations and more. There's sure to be something here that you will use.

Audiences really sit up and take notice when live animals are involved in a magic act. Torino explains the inner workings of his nightclub routine, down to secret methods and insider tips to keep your props, wardrobe and birds in tip-top condition.

A working pro never goes onstage unprepared. The author includes his complete checklists and sequences for props, performer and backstage preparations. This is pure gold for anyone who is considering performing a magic act for nightclubs, casino showrooms and theatres--whether you perform with livestock or not.

Best of all, the author includes tips and tricks for working with doves, gained from a lifetime of practical experience. How to train doves for a magic act, care and feeding, grooming essentials, and more are covered. Sure, you can purchase a book on doves from a pet store, but they have no information about keeping dove "accidents" to a minimum in a sage setting, nor do they reveal secrets for loading birds for later production. This chapter is essential for anyone considering adding doves to their act.


  • Dedication
  • Photos: Caught in the Act
  • Dovetail Deceptions
  • Senor Torino and Faye
  • Getting Set for Show Time
  • Necessary Props
  • Show Time
  • Cane to Dove
  • Vanishing Dove
  • Silk and Flower
  • Torino's Cigarette Routine
  • Cigarette to Dove
  • Pearls and Dove
  • Torino Dove from Bag
  • Two More Dove Productions
  • Another Use and Method for the Handbag
  • Vanishing Tobacco Trick
  • Another Walk Off
  • How to Train Doves
  • About the Author
  • Thank You
  • Short-Form Catalog

PDF. 42 pages + supplement. Revised and updated edition of the 1955 privately printed release now with retouched illustrations and scores of editorial corrections to make Torino's detailed descriptions even more crystal clear. ($4 US)

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