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Don Alan's Bowl Routine (Revised Edition)Don Alan's Bowl Routine
by Don Alan

Just as Don presented it on TV. The move is so good you'll fool yourself!

This trick had a lot to do with Don Alan's success on TV and in countless personal appearances.

In fact, the very first time Don had a chance to do a trick for anyone connected with TV in this case the director of a new show he performed this effect. He was hired at once and began his long and sensational career. It's that good!

This beautiful routine uses a brass bowl (not supplied), or a single cup from your regular Cups and Balls set. The cup is not gimmicked in any way. Also needed are four sponges, which you can cut from a regular sponge, if you wish. Add a magic wand and a bagel roll and you're all set.

The sponges appear and multiply and vanish under the bowl, and eventually change to a bagel. Your audience is totally fooled throughout. And the bagel finale is so unexpected that they'll remember you forever.

Difficult to learn? No, thanks to the revised illustrated directions. Very highly recommended by pros everywhere.

"Easy to do, very clean in execution, beautifully routined. Well worth the money." (Goodliffe)

"Excellent routine. The Alan climax provides the sparkle needed at the finish." (J. G. Thompson, Jr.)

"Something you will enjoy doing and your audience will enjoy seeing you do it!" (John Braun)

Magic World revised edition features three new chapters and three added illustrations.

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