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The Dantes System of Life Span Reading by Robert A. NelsonThe Dantes System of Life Span Reading
by Robert A. Nelson

Without any written or preliminary foolishness, The Dantes System allows you to deliver a terrific psychological reading to most any spectator. A reading so cleverly conceived and thought-out that it smacks of genuine mindreading!

This sight-reading is apparently the answer to the sitter's innermost thoughts, touching upon the trials and tribulations of the individual, delving into his or her past, discussing the present and probing deeply into the future.

Dantes devoted his life to "sight reading" and is regarded as a most successful reader. If you want to devastate a total stranger by apparently reading his or her life "from cradle to grave," The Dantes System prepares you to do so.

In this book, Dantes lays bare his secrets, his system of sight reading, together with his own readings — including patter lines to memorize and use. The system is as easy as it is intriguing!

Originally selling for the equivalent of over $70 when first released, now you can add this proven (and updated) reference to your working library for a more reasonable price.

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 303 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

Magic World revised and expanded edition includes additional chapters and new, updated content. All text has been reset in new type.

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