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Annemann's Complete One-Man Mental and Psychic Routine Annemann's Complete One-Man Mental and Psychic Routine
by Theo Annemann

A half-hour act of modern mentalism or use it as a sensational interlude for your present act.

No cumbersome apparatus--you can carry it in a briefcase. No assistants or confederates. Suitable for any place or entertainment.

Mental and psychic tests are presented in a routined order. This was the first time in print for some of Annemannís choicest billet methods and effects. This routine works great as a club or private party act in itself.

Also contained within the covers are press stunts, hints, and tips for sensational effects and tests that could only be learned through the actual experience of working them over a period of years. The magician who has a mental routine in his act knows that the mental part of his act is the most sensational and the most talked about.


"You need this if you're going to do mental magic--particularly if you want to do a routine that doesn't include question answering."
  —George B. Anderson in It Must Be Mindreading

"The material presented is excellent, whether used as a full routine or as independent effects."
  —John Mulholland

"The ideas regarding presentation in this book are really extraordinarily good."
  —Wilfrid Jonson

Revised edition includes two additional chapters.

Format: Physical book. Soft covers, 41 pages plus supplement. Saddle-stitched.

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