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Comedy Shirt-Pulling Stunt by U. F. GrantComedy Shirt-Pulling Stunt
by U. F. Grant

This is a hilarious and mystifying trick for any act.

Imagine that you're performing your show and a heckler pipes up.

"I know how you did that!" he boasts.

"Me, too," you say, hoping that it'll shut down the pest from the back row.

"I saw it on TV," he yells a few minutes later. "It's done with mirrors."

You now invite him up in front of the audience. He's wearing a coat, with a shirt on underneath. You unbutton a few of his buttons in the front, and each sleeve. You then grasp the back of his shirt and pull it completely off of him, without removing his coat!

"Tell me how I did THAT!" you say, which usually results in applause from the audience. The heckler has no words for it and meekly steps down off the stage.

The shirt-pulling stunt also works well in a comedy pickpocket act, where not only are you capable of pulling the victim's wallet from his pants, but you take his shirt, too!

The shirt may be examined. There are no hidden zippers, velcro or false seams.

Two methods are provided.

Magic World revised edition features three new chapters plus additional content.

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