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Comedy Patter : Its Presentation and Use by Tiny GrantComedy Patter
Its Presentation and Use
by Tiny Grant

Whether you perform occasional shows, are a semi-pro, or even get called on to emcee a variety or television show, you can never have enough material. And that's where this book comes in.

Tiny Grant, S.A.M. award-winning comedy magician, brings you this collection of gags, funny ideas, a swell pair of openers, and much more for you to peruse, check mark, and put to use in your own act.

Not just a book of tested and proven laugh lines and patter stories. The author calls it a complete study course on patter and its presentation, which includes lessons in selection of material to meet your specific needs, how to “mug” correctly and effectively, showmanship, appearance, timing of the gags, etc.

Also included are discussions of top-flight magicians and comedians and what qualities make them successful.

It's crammed to the gills with one-liners, comedy openers, proven time-killer gags and stunts, introductions for performers, and even some mild-mannered heckler stoppers.

A must for your library and your future shows. Every line, gag, and idea has been time tested by Tiny Grant and Lenny Russell, well known comedian and emcee.

"The first six pages on how to present patter are, in my opinion, worth the price of the book alone." (Dariel Fitzkee)

Magic World revised edition features four new chapters and two added illustrations.

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