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The Comedy Magic of Val Andrews by Val AndrewsThe Comedy Magic of Val Andrews
by Val Andrews

This book is funny right from the start!

From the author's introduction: "People say that I live dangerously, and that's true because I use my own material. Now that you have purchased this book you can live dangerously too! The following routines have kept me in obscurity for more years than I care to mention —- why not let them do the same for you?"

Val's reputation for first-rate comedy is evident here, as is some great, ENTERTAINING MAGIC that will get you bookings and repeat dates.

Partial contents:

  • Cabaret Linking Ring Routine: Uses only FOUR rings found in the usual set of eight. A slick, modern presentation, complete with patter and moves, exactly as featured by Val at leading music halls and night clubs. This alone is worth the cost of the book.

  • Bijou Bar Act: "Any drink called for" now made practical for close-up performance. A complete act in itself wherein different drinks are produced—and then a long snake! Complete with patter and presentation.

  • Mine Uncle Ethelred: A Passe Passe effect performed in character. A great routine.

  • Nineteenth Century Silks: Despite the tongue-in-cheek title, this is a new method, complete with patter.

  • Presentation for Multiplying Candles

  • Limp Chicken Gag

  • Follow-up to Fish-Catching Trick

  • Patter Routine for Rice Bowls

  • Patter for Chinese-Sticks

All this, plus more gags, patter, tricks and bits of business that you'll want to put to use right away.

The experts in magic loved this title, and so will you.

"The material in this book is exceptional. All in all, it's a book you just can't afford to pass by." (William Larsen, Sr.)

"Several good things in it." (Fabian)

Revised version includes three new chapters, plus more comedy bits added.

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