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Come Fly With Me by Bob Hummer & B. W. McCarronCome Fly With Me
by Bob Hummer and
B. W. McCarron

Where will you go on your dream vacation? Paris? London? Madrid?

Come Fly With Me is a stunning psychic mystery using Bob Hummer's ingenious method to name a mentally-selected vacation destination with no questions asked and nothing written down.

A spectator lays out a number of cards—-some face up, some face down. The choice of cards and positioning is up to him. A second row of cards is also laid out.

The performer does not at any time see the order of cards. Spectator then selects the name of one of a number of vacation destinations printed on a card, then selects one of the 12 available flights-—all different. The selected number is then entered by turning over cards to represent each digit in the number.

The performer then, for the first time, sees the cards, and knows instantly which destination was selected!

No questions asked at any time. Nothing written down. No mirrors, impression devices or stooges. Can be repeated, with a different result.

Cards may be borrowed, or perform it with coins, to add variety. There are more than 3,000 ways to enter the numbers, but you get the destination surely and certainly.

Sure it sounds impossible, but Hummer has made it easy for you to perform. A real baffler.

PDF format. Revised and expanded version of the 1955 first edition, originally titled "Hummer's Dial A Date Deal." Features eight new chapters plus important edits and updates. 20 pages plus supplement. ($6 US)

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