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Close-Up Time with Don Alan (revised edition)Close-Up Time with Don Alan
by Don Alan

Don Alan, the famous entertainer from Matt Schulein's in Chicago, TV and corporate shows, introduces his magic creations to the magicians in this, his first book for the profession.

These are close-up effects you'll be delighted to entertain your own audiences with.

They’re all tricks with familiar objects, easy to do, and talk-provokers for bartenders, table and all close-up workers.

Foreword by Bert Allerton, "Backword" by Ballantine.

Partial contents:

  • About this Book
  • Foreword by Bert Allerton
  • It's Flashy!
  • Corner Riffle Force by Timing
  • A Subtle One Way Force Deck
  • The Inflation Pencil
  • Card in the Egg
  • You Have Wax in Your Match Box
  • Bread Sandwich
  • Keep Your "I" On Your Hat
  • Bill in the Orange
  • Stuck Up Card
  • Kcab Sdrow by Carl Ballantine
  • Back Words by Carl Ballantine
  • About the Author
  • Recommended Titles

"I recommend this most enthusiastically." (John Braun)

"Eye-catching, surprising, and above all, entertaining. I especially liked his flash introduction to the sponge ball routine where the balls actually appear from a burst of flame." (John J. Crimmins, Jr.)

"Ten tricks ... each an exceedingly fine idea with marked audience appeal." (John Mulholland)

Magic World revised edition features a new chapter, plus additional added content.

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