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Clearly Mental by B. W. McCarronClearly Mental!
by B.W. McCarron

Clearly Mental! contains 11 entertaining mental routines, including a subtlety used by one of America's most prominent performers to ensure that a beautiful woman is selected as a volunteer!

In this book, McCarron explains not only routines, but 30 additional ideas for coming up with your own custom-crafted effects.

  1. The Name Game - Reveal the names two spectators are trying hard not to think of!

  2. Easy Money - Two spectators take turns attempting to exchange their $1 bill for a $5, $20, or $100 bill!

  3. Autograph Party - Audience members write the names of their favorite celebrities on billets. These are collected and one is drawn in random fashion. The mentalist reveals all. Can be instantly repeated with a different result!

  4. Three On A Match - Ten spectators draw folded slips bearing the numbers 1, 2, or 3. The mentalist reveals the total of the numbers, then identifies who drew what number!

  5. She's Clearly Beautiful - Guarantees that the most beautiful lady in the audience is selected as a volunteer without hurting the feelings of others who would like to participate.

  6. Hyp Pointer - Routine of pseudo hypnotism. Or an insidious way to invite multiple stooges to the stage from an apparently fair selection process.

  7. Russian Roulette - Secret agent themed game of pseudo Russian Roulette.

  8. Turn Of A Friendly Card - Three cards are selected that match the performer's previously mailed prediction.

  9. I've Got Your Number - Two spectators and a psychic telephone operator reveal the future of customer service. A great effect for corporate shows.

  10. Telepathic Juke Box - A telepathic jukebox of the future that plays the mentally selected songs of two spectators.

  11. The Only Good Apple Book Test - Three spectators select words from an unprepared book. They match the performer's prediction! This effect previously sold for $15 by itself.

Also included is a step-by-step method, illustrated with numerous photographs, for constructing a three-chambered clear forcing bag. McCarron's force bags have been used on TV by numerous performers. He shares his manufacturing secrets for the first time.

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