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Christmas Magic by Dave Hagan (REVISED EDITION)Christmas Magic
by Dave Hagan

Here's a terrific book filled with routines and ideas for performing Christmas-themed magic during the holidays.

Do you want those extra dates between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Then update and transform your act with these timely holiday magic effects and routines.

Let your agent or webmaster know that you've added something special to your act for this holiday season and watch those bookings roll in.

This year, with the relaxing of pandemic-related restrictions, more people and organizations than ever are going to be hosting holiday parties to make up for lost opportunities last year. If you're interested in earning those EXTRA DOLLARS, take advantage of the information in this book and get busy!

And, to top it off, Dave Hagan's Christmas Magic includes an entertaining effect for all ages that dealers sell for over $100 by itself. Get it!

Partial contents:

  • Christmas Surprise Box
  • Santa Claus Down the Chimney
  • Santa Claus and His New Clothes
  • Christmas Tree from a Roll of Paper
  • The Journey to Bethlehem
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • The Snowball Machine
  • Additional Christmas Trick Suggestions
  • Recommended Titles

Magic World revised edition includes several added illustrations plus several pieces of new and updated information since the original release.

Format: Physical book. 31 pages + supplement. Soft covers, saddle stitched.

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