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Center Tear Methods by U. F. Grant and Don TannerCenter Tear Methods
by U. F. Grant
and Don Tanner


The "Center Tear" is one of the most devastating secrets of the professional mentalist and psychic reader. In this manual, Don Tanner reveals U. F. Grant's methods that have fooled countless spectators . . . and even well-versed magicians!

This book not only covers the all-important technique, but also includes a compendium of 10 of Grant's favorite effects and moves using the Center Tear.

Now you'll never be caught without being able to perform dynamite mentalism effects and readings at parties, private readings, cocktail lounges . . . anywhere people gather.

PDF format. Revised and enlarged reprint of the first print edition, featuring scores of corrections and updates. Every word has been reset in crystal clear, digital type. Two new chapters and all new illustrations. 20 pages, plus supplement. ($5 US)

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