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Cardially Yours by Al BakerCardially Yours
by Al Baker

Here's a terrific book with seven mental-flavored card miracles that you will surely add to your arsenal.

Written by Al Baker, past Dean of Magic for the famed Society of American Magicians, these effects are entertaining, yet do not require difficult sleight of hand. Your audiences will enjoy watching them as much as you will enjoy performing them.

Here's what's included:

  • Color Flight - A beautifully routined Cards Across effect where three selected blue backed cards travel across the stage and join a packet of red backed cards!

  • Out on Location - A great card location that looks absolutely impossible. Baker used it to fool magicians and card experts.

  • Eyes All Around - The performer apparently uses mental telepathy to reveal the number of cards a spectator has placed in her pocket.

  • The Fall of the Wise - A Three Card Monte effect designed especially to fool the wiseguy that thinks he knows how it is done.

  • A Dirty Trick - Baker basically tips an inexpensive daub method that's used for an impressive card location. You'll also like his reasoning for where in your routine to position this nice effect.

  • Al Baker's Stacked Deck - Baker turns a familiar stack on its head for a pretty amazing card location.

  • The One I Like - The one non-card effect in the book. You are able to determine which of two items a spectator likes the most.

PDF. 23 pages. Expanded reprint of the 1934 self-published Baker edition. Includes important edits, clarifications and updates, completely reset in crystal clear type, with added biography. ($4 US)

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