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The Card Expert by Lynn Searles (revised edition)The Card Expert
By Lynn Searles

When a magician, magic store owner and magic consultant for TV decides to write a book, you know it's going to be a good one!

Here's a real card book for the magician or lecturer who wants to prove that he or she is an expert on the topic.

When first released, this book was promoted as a worthy successor to "The Expert at the Card Table" by Erdnase, although it's entirely different. Every magician worth his or her salt will want this for their magic library.

Partial contents:

The Psychology of the Card Expert, Basic Sleights, The Lace Through False Shuffle, The False Cut, Compound False Cut, The Simple False Cut, The Second Deal, The Bottom Deal, Miscellaneous Sleights and Moves, Back Palming A Complete Pack, The Riffle Cut, The One Hand Shuffle, The Weave-in Shuffle, The Multiple Lift, Tricks and Deceptions, A Subtle Card Location, Ace Control, Jacks and Aces, Second Deal Four Aces, A Renovated Trick, A Novel Color Change Surprise, Multiple Card Force, Double Deal, Master Dealing and Bottom Deal Poker Demonstration.

Praise for Lynn Searles' The Card Expert:

"Every move is so very clearly described and illustrated that the work of learning becomes fun." (Bill Larsen in Genii)

"Very fine material for the card sleight of hand worker. I've taken over several items myself. Better get this one!" (C. R. Brush)

"Contains a variety of worthwhile material." (John Mulholland)

"Fancy and false shuffles and cuts, including a fine description of the 'push through' method. [Also,] an amazingly 'fair' force of several cards." (Tom Bowyer)

"The card worker will get a lot from this. I like your style and methods of presenting. Thanks for a fine book." (Eddie Clever)

2022 revised edition features two new chapters and several updates.

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