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Bull's-Eye Coin Tricks
by L. L. Ireland & Ed Marlo

Sleight of hand experts Marlo and Ireland team up with this fine book of magic with coins.

But it's not just geared for the expert manipulator. Even amateurs will find something of value in this collection.

And if you want to inject a touch of comedy to your act, try "The Human Slot Machine," which will make your audience sit up and take notice, as well as tickle their collective funny bones.


  • New Back Palm Vanish and Production
  • Marlo's Front and Back Palm
  • Passe Passe Coins
  • Two Halves and a Dime
  • Money from Magic
  • Marlo's Poor Man's Trick
  • Penetration and Audible Arrival
  • Single Coin Routine
  • Two Ideas
  • The Imaginary Half Dollar
  • The Toss up Vanish
  • A Close-up Trick for a Bar
  • In and Out of the Fist
  • Follow-up for the Above
  • The Human Slot Machine (Paul Studham)
  • Production of Coins from the Mouth
  • Patter for the Miserís Dream
  • A Coin Pass
  • The Thumb Crotch Palm
  • The Five Coin Pass
  • Through the Palm
Formerly sold for the equivalent of $19.00, in today's money, when first released.

"Marlo is a master of subtlety, and a stickler for perfection in everything he does." (Eddie Clever)

"Routines which combine mime and magic are wonderfully entertaining. One such example is Laurie Ireland's 'Imaginary Half Dollar,' from BULLS-EYE COIN TRICKS by Ed Marlo." (Tom Gagnon)

Magic World revised edition features two new chapters plus additional updates.

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