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Early Vernon
by Faucett Ross

A fascinating glimpse inside the mind and methods of Dai Vernon, edited by one of his closest friends and confidants. 27 effects. More...

Eddie's Dumbfounders with Cards
by Eddie Joseph

A collection of ten astounding card tricks, using a regular deck and requiring no skill or sleights. More...

Effective Answers to Questions
by Robert A. Nelson

In this advanced course for mentalists and psychic entertainers, Nelson teaches how to answer questions, the basic principles of combining effectiveness with answers, how to convince your audience, and to attain a higher percentage of correct answers. This book is an investment that will pay you financial dividends. No matter how successful you are, it will aid you in being MORE successful. More...

Effervescent Effects
by Julius Hopkins

48 effects, tips and suggestions for close-up and club performers. One of our favorites is the "Ring and Balloon Problem," as we can see it being used to win bar bets. Especially if you use an engagement or wedding patter story with your spectator. More...

The Eighth Wonder
by Albert Forrest

This hard-to-find title contains a wealth of dealer-quality club and stage magic, mentalism, and more for you to perform and enjoy. More...

by U. F. Grant

Clever alternatives to sleights such as The Pass, palming, switching cards and forcing, enabling you to perform a variety of tricks that you've avoided until now. More...

The Emerald Mystery
by Warner Perry

An incredible Nate Leipzig card effect, now redesigned with subtlety, instead of knuckle-busting sleight of hand. Praised by experts. More...

Emergency Full Evening Show
by Joseph Elon Kemp

Imagine that an airline has lost your luggage, your props, and even your wallet ... yet you have a theater show to give in just a few days. What would you do? More...

En Rapport
by Theo Annemann

An entertaining two-person mind reading act for parties, night clubs, or stage. More...

Enchanted Ball Manipulation
by James Swoger

A brilliant book of magic with billiard balls. More...

The Encyclopedia of Mentalism
by Robert A. Nelson

The greatest and most comprehensive book ever written on mentalism and psychic entertainment. Every phase of its operation is exhaustively treated in detail: Theater presentations; Radio mentalism; Night club psychic entertainment; Hotel and night club mindreading; Seance work; Horoscope sales; Mindreading for fun and pleasure; Apparatus and secret devices; Methods of famous stage, radio and television mentalists; Booking the act ... More...

Enthusiastic Magic
by Chas. Eastman

This work by noted magic author and dealer Chas. Eastman contains 11 great effects and tips for performers of all skill levels. We think this could be the best value in magic today. Contributors include Tommy Tucker, James D. Taylor, Val Evans, Harry Valcarte, and more.

You'll learn audience-tested mentalism and magic routines including The Triple Mystery, Poker Prestidigitation, Genuine Bill in Cigarette Mystery, More...

ESP Brain Busters
by Nelson & McCarron

Here's a complete series of thought-provoking mental routines with ESP cards for the psychic entertainer. Camera-ready masters are included, allowing you to print your own cards for stage use! More...

ESP: Fact or Fiction Lecture
by David Robbins

Cash in on public interest in ESP and mind power with this entertaining 15-minute lecture and 30-minute demonstration that YOU can give! More...

Evidence of Deception
by William W. Larsen

Make extra income by presenting this entertaining, 40-60 minute lecture-demonstration on the topic of paying attention to avoid getting taken in by scams, cons and crooked politicians. More...

Exclusive Tricks
by Sam Berland

Berland and friends bring you sixteen beautiful effects using silks, balls, cards, canes, watches, cigarettes, liquid, and more in this updated and expanded edition. More...

Extra Sensory Perfection
by J. G. Thompson, Jr.

Mentalists: Here's a complete four-phase routine using a deck of ESP cards. Don't just pretend to be a psychic -- be one! More...

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