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The Book Without A Name by Theo Annemann The Book Without A Name
by Theo Annemann

Originally published as Annemann's first and only hardcover book, priced at over $50.00 in today's money.

Now available in an updated soft cover edition at a much more reasonable price.

Contains 25 mental and card effects, with an introduction by Al Baker.

The effects don't not involve sleights, manipulative skill or apparatus. Just "real looking" miracles that seem to happen without effort or reason—all are included in this masterpiece by the master mentalist.

No matter if your specialty is magic or psychic entertainment (or a combination of both, like Annemann), you're sure to find something you can use in this hard-to-find booklet.

"Priceless Annemann secrets revealed. A while act of magic and mental effects. His latest mental creations and card subtleties that have long been guarded." (Robert A. Nelson)

"I believe it the best Iíve ever read, and because I believe the magicians of the world, amateur and professional, need it." (Max Holden)

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was carried in the Nelson Enterprises catalogs as item #352. Now you can fill that hole in your collection.

Magic World revised edition includes two additional chapters.

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