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Bombay by Eddie Joseph (revised and enlarged edition) Bombay
by Eddie Joseph

Perhaps the world's most stunning card mystery!

You place two decks on the table, each in its case. A spectator has a free choice of one deck. This he places in his pocket.

He then removes the second deck from the case, cuts and mixes the cards and then chooses one card in the fairest possible manner. He is positive that he was not Influenced in his choice. He notes the card.

He then removes the card case from his pocket and removes the cards (remember, he does this). He spreads the cards on the table and it is noted that one card is reversed. When this card is turned over, it proves to be the same suit and value as the card that was freely chosen from the other pack.

He looks through the deck he counts the cards he checks for a duplicate. He finds it is a regular 52-card deck and not set up in any way. Just two decks used, each containing 52 Cards. No more, no less.

And don't miss the point that this is an automatic trick. You do nothing. No moves.

Additional routines are included.

No cards supplied (use your own).

This is one of Eddie Joseph's best contributions to Magic.

Originally sold for the equivalent of more than $55.00 in today's money.

Format: Printed book. Magic World updated and expanded edition features two new chapters.

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