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Best Tricks with Invisible Thread by U. F. Grant & T. A. Whitney Best Tricks with Invisible Thread
by U. F. Grant & T. A. Whitney

Twenty-Six outstanding tricks, tips and secrets that enable you to perform some of the most baffling effects in all of magic!

What is invisible thread? New chapters only in this edition reveal the secrets of invisible thread and even how to make your own! These secrets have been jealously guarded by top close-up and stage performers, as well as magic dealers . . . until now.

Today, U. F. Grant is recognized as one of the most phenomenal creators of baffling mysteries. his original manuscript has been updated and packed with new information to make it an even better buy.

Already own a supply of invisible thread? Now you can put it to immediate use with terrific close-up magic, platform and club effects, outstanding mental mysteries and even a seance-type stunt with your partner, who acts as a Medium.

"[T. A. Whitney's] added material and numerous revisions to the oiginal edition help bring Grant's original ideas to life in ways that will reach--and please--new generations of performers (and audiences) for many years to come." — from the Introduction by Magic World Publishers

PDF format. 22 pages + supplement. Revised and updated reprint of the 1940 edition, originally published as "Tricks with Hair." This edition adds five new chapters. ($4 US)

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