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Behind the Scenes with the Night Club Magician by ElrayBehind the Scenes
with the Night Club Magician
by Elray

Break into the world of table-hopping, banquet, restaurant and casino floor show magic with this insider's handbook.

Elray, a former top entertainer, reveals the ins and outs of this lucrative field in this hard-to-find handbook.

To be a successful nightclub entertainer, you not only have to be different in your own style, but you have to present a different style of magic. This book lets you in on this secret world - from behind the scenes - so you can profit by it.

Many effects were revealed here for the first time in print - tricks specially adapted for nightclub work.

Here's a partial list of what's included:

  • Introduction
  • Table Magic
  • A Cigarette in Transit
  • A Trio of Table Worker Tips
  • Coin in Wallet
  • How to Act Around the Tables
  • Booking the Night Club Act
  • The Thirty-One Card Trick
  • A Night Club Thumb Tie
  • Night Club Magic
  • Chemical Used Lighted Cigarettes
  • The Stage Magician Catches Lighted Cigarettes
  • Leroy's Book Test
  • Take A Card, Please
  • Dollar Bill in Cigarette
  • Inventing New Tricks
  • Sleight of Hand Routine for Night Clubs
  • Concluding Words
  • APPENDIX: The 31 Card Trick by B. W. McCarron

"The material is swell." (Percy Abbott)

"All very clever stuff--and I will use plenty of the effects. In fact, they're just what I've been looking for." (Bob Gysell)

"Well worth the price, containing plenty of effects for the nite club performer. Elray also deals with booking the act, appearance, etc. I sincerely recommend this one." (Harold R. Rice)

Magic World expanded edition adds two new chapters.

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