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Bartender Dice Routine by Clarke 'Senator' Crandall Bartender Dice Routine
by Clarke 'Senator' Crandall

A complete manual of dice stacking and manipulation, written especially for use by magicians.

Clarke "Senator" Crandall was a past master at the dice stack, and here he reveals his secrets to a new generation of magicians. You, too, can mesmerize your audience with what looks like a skill that requires years of painstaking practice.

After just a few days of working through Crandall’s instructions and getting familiar with the proper timing, you will also appear to be a master dice "mechanic."

The stacking part of the routine is an impressive feat of skill. But the magic happens when spectator-requested numbers turn up in the stack, and the entirely unexpected finale of the giant die will surely bring down the house.

This is a swell performance piece and a nice break between a routine of card, coin and other close-up mysteries.

A great item to add to a gambling lecture or gaming-themed close-up magic routine.

Sold for information only. Not to be used for any illegal purpose.

Magic World revised and updated edition features two new chapters, revised illustrations, and more.

Format: Print book.

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