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The Bally Prediction by Wm. A. Stevenson The Bally Prediction
By Wm. A. Stevenson

Predict a newspaper headline weeks before publication! What a great publicity stunt!

With Bill Stevenson's BALLY PREDICTION, now you can correctly predict the outcome of any event that takes place in the future!

And best of all, with this newly revised and updated edition, you can do it without elaborate locked chests, bulky apparatus, secret assistants or chemicals. A strictly one-man method that works every time.

The performer visits the local newspaper office or phones the editor that he is sending a letter through the mail, addressed to the editor and marked "Prediction." In this letter is a prediction of an event, or a news happening, or a front page headline to appear in the newspaper on the date the mentalist is performing in the city.

The editor is instructed to keep this prediction in a safe place and that the letter is not to be opened until the night of the show, on stage, in the presence of the audience. When the prediction is opened, it is seen to be 100% correct!

No stooges, no sleight of hand. The performer never touches the original letter at any time after it is mailed to the editor, ether before or during the show. This could be the greatest headline prediction method since ... well, ever!

"The basic idea is at once easy and practical and I would recommend it if it cost twenty times as much."   —Wm. W. Larsen, Sr.

"This is something every magician should have."   —Percy Abbott

Format: Print book. 16 pages.
Revised edition includes two additional chapters and scores of edits and updates.

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