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Balloon Side Show by U. F. Grant, Tommy Windsor, T. A. Whitney and others Balloon Side Show
by U. F. Grant, Tommy Windsor, T. A. Whitney and others

Balloons make for swell magic and we're not blowing hot air!

Because balloons are fragile, your spectators appreciate your skill when you can make a balloon appear to float in the air or thrust a needle through it without causing it any harm.

Plus and only in this revised edition you get T. A. Whitney's "Name That Pooch!" routine that could be the highlight of your act.


  • Introduction
  • Asraloon
  • Tommy Windsor's Balloon Act
  • Seal of Approval
  • Ring Off Balloon
  • Change-About Animals
  • Patter for Balloon Animals
  • Grant's Pin Cushion Balloon
  • The Tom Harris Egg Trick
  • The George Johnstone Egg Trick
  • Impromptu Card in Balloon
  • BONUS ROUTINE: Name That Pooch! (T. A. Whitney)
  • Meet the Contributors
  • Recommended Titles
Some comments about this book from well-known experts and reviewers:

"You will find this branch of the entertainer's art a novelty that will be enthusiastically received by the public. This book adds much to the material previously published in this field. Reads mighty good to me!" (Sid Lorraine)

"A considerable collection of usable routines, tips, and suggestions for those interested in making animal figures with balloons, or who are looking for magical effects with balloons for their act." (John J. Crimmins, Jr.)

"If you aren't using all or most of this material soon after reading (this book), you don't know what good material is." (Lloyd E. Jones)

Magic World Publishers revised edition includes two new chapters, plus additional added content.

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