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Atomic Magic by Ormond McGill (Revised Edition) Atomic Magic
by Ormond McGill

If you're looking to update your magic routine, this book will give you lots of ideas.

Famed stage performer Ormond McGill presents several illusionettes and feature effects for stage, club and platform, all with a science fiction theme.

With so many countries vying for space supremacy, rocket missions for space tourists, and the likes of Boeing, SpaceX, Northrup Grumman, Sierra Nevada and others making headlines with their commercial space vehicles, there's no time like the present to prevent a futuristic magic show.

And just think how much you can have by helping your son or daughter by constructing a magic-based science fair project that instructs and also entertains.

Partial contents include:

  • The Presentation of Atomic Magic
  • The Electronic Silk
  • The Construction of an Atom
  • Nuclear Fission
  • The Flight of the Rocket
  • Synthetic Life
  • Telepgraphy
  • The Anti-Gravity Ball
  • The Power of Thought
  • The Force Ray
  • The Transformation of Matter
  • Into the Fourth Dimension
  • The Men From Mars

"You'll be surprised at the freshness of the tricks described. Nicely produced and worthy of your attention." (John Braun)

Format: Print book. Magic World revised edition with two new chapters, an added illustration and additional updates.

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