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At Your Fingertips by Arthur Leroy (Revised Edition)At Your Fingertips
by Arthur Leroy

Available again at long last is this comprehensive work explaining the brilliant thimble artistry of Jimmy Shannon.

Jimmy Shannon was the talk of the magic world in the 1930s and 40s, with his beautifully orchestrated thimble manipulation act.

His moves were accepted by experts as the most original, most unusual and altogether fascinating of his day.

When the time came for Shannon's moves to be recorded for posterity, the task was given to a young writer who was already making a name for himself: Arthur Leroy.

In fact, it was felt that Jimmy Shannon's moves were so entirely different from average that it was felt a necessity that Leroy be hired to tackle this duty.

Luckily for the magic world, the combination clicked, making available this rare combination of moves and gambits to the conjuring fraternity at large. Eighteen items in all, including a beautifully orchestrated routine.

Partial contents:

  • Introduction
  • Before Palm Position
  • The Under Cover Palm
  • Two for One
  • "Out Where the Vest Begins"
  • A Question of Color
  • Coloratura
  • An Unusual Operation
  • Rattle Thimbles
  • Through A Silk
  • Tom Thumb's Move
  • Through A Chin
  • Seeing Double
  • A Living Thimble
  • Change-Over Palm
  • Change-Over No. 2
  • Thimble Divination
  • Thumb Fun
  • Arthur Leroy's Penetration
  • The Shannon-Leroy Thimble Routine
  • Suggestions
  • Closing Words

"A sensational thimble manuscript that is causing an international furor." --Frank Ducrot (Martinka's)

"You will benefit by reading the practical advice here contained and you will want to work over the routine carefully worked out by Shannon and Leroy." --Lloyd E. Jones

"There are many methods for causing a thimble to penetrate a silk. My favorite is called The Leroy Thimble Penetration [from 'At Your Fingertips']. This is a very good method--the best, I believe." --John Goodrum

"As sometimes happens with privately published works, the first printing sold out [and was never reprinted]. Indeed, the only copy we could locate was from an antiquarian bookseller, at a price of over $100!" --From the Introduction by Magic World Publishers)

Magic World revised edition includes five new chapters, plus important edits, clarifications and updates.

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