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Annemann's Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks by Ted Annemann Annemann's Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks
by Theo Annemann

A choice collection of 55 impromptu card tricks by outstanding performers such as Dai Vernon, Al Baker, Jean Hugard, Bob Hummer, George Daley, and many others, who made their reputations with them.

Each effect a masterpiece of subtlety and misdirection.

Each may be performed with anyone's deck at a moment's notice. An excellent reference book and an outstanding collection of card magic.

Illustrated by Nelson Hahne. Here is a book you'll be proud to add to your library.

Revised edition includes an additional chapter and illustration.

  "It's sensational" (Max Holden)

"The Force That Couldn't Be Done, The So Simple Force, and The Indetectable Shift Palm would in themselves be sufficient excuse for adding this volume to one's library." (Paul Fleming)

"The greatest collection of card tricks ever gathered between two covers." (Wm. W. Larsen)

Format: Physical book.

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