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Annemann's Mental Mysteries Annemann's Mental Mysteries
by Theo Annemann

"Annemann's lost manuscript!" (Mike Kanter)

This professional routine created a sensation because of the tremendous effects and the simplicity of operation. Five stunners you will enjoy doing.

The contents include:

  • Premier Book Test
  • Mentalist's Card Staggerer
  • Psychic Writing
  • Instantaneous Card Memory
  • Phantasma
No matter if your specialty is magic or psychic entertainment (or a combination of both, like Annemann), you're sure to find something you like in this hard-to-find quintet.

Editor Leon Haines says, in the Introduction:

"Many of the current generation of performers, whether they be mentalists or magicians, have somehow missed this fine collection of effects from the fertile mind of Annemann. Not only are their working libraries incomplete by not having this book in residence, but their programs are lacking one or more of these fine presentation pieces. With the rerelease of this quintet of his mental mysteries, it is our hope that Theo Annemannís brain children will find new life in the hands and minds of todayís generation of entertainers and their audiences."

The original cover price for this professional routine, when first released, was the equivalent of more than $88.00 in today's money.

Magic World revised edition includes three new chapters, plus additional added content.

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