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Annemann's Buried Treasures by Theo Annemann Annemann's Buried Treasures
by Theo Annemann

A dandy compilation featuring a dozen of Annemann's most devious creations, including both magic and mentalism. Illustrated by Sid Lorraine.

Partial contents:

  • Preface: "What constitutes a magician?"
  • East Indian Needle Feat
  • Cigarette in Bill Again
  • Mentalex?
  • Telephone Mystery
  • Attention Mentalists
  • No Title at All
  • Three Card Monte Outdone
  • The Master Mind
  • My Original Swami Test
  • Improvement 8,000
  • Slate Writing Wrinkle
  • Club or Stage Mental Number
  • A Mediumistic Stunt

No matter if your specialty is magic or psychic entertainment (or a combination of both, like Annemann), you're sure to find something you can use in this hard-to-find booklet.

Magic World revised edition includes one new chapter, plus additional added content.

Format: Physical book.

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