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...And a Pack of Cards
by Jack Merlin
(Edited by Jean Hugard)

Perhaps the greatest book ever produced for the sleight of hand artist with cards. Read on to see why.

With Jean Hugard's clear text and Nelson Hahne's artwork, this is a must-have volume for any magician who works with cards.


  • Preface
  • Foreword by Charles J. Maly
  • Chapter I
  • Theory
  • Practice
  • Chapter II: Passes
  • Improved Hermann Pass
  • Outjog Pass
  • Side Slip Palm & Flesh Grip
  • Tricks for this Chapter
  • Chapter III: Seconds and Bottoms
  • Seconds
  • Bottoms
  • The Glide
  • Tricks for this Chapter
  • Chapter IV: False Shuffles and Cuts
  • The Merlin True Shuffle
  • False Shuffles and Cuts
  • Push Through False Shuffle
  • False Cut
  • Tricks for this Chapter
  • Chapter V: Thumb Counting
  • First Method: The Thumb Count
  • Second Method: Thumb Counting
  • Tricks for this Chapter
  • Diving the Number of Cards Cut
  • Chapter VI: Color Changes
  • The Slip-Slide Change
  • The Change-Over Palm Change
  • Change by the Erdnase Bottom Palm
  • Improved Change
  • Under the Thumb Change
  • Face to Face Color Change
  • Color Change Making Palmed Cards Vanish
  • Chapter VII: Crimps
  • Finger Crimp from the End
  • Tricks for this Chapter
  • Chapter VIII: Forcing
  • A Sure-Fire Force
  • Mechanical Forcing Decks
  • Routine of Sleights for Card Table
  • False Cuts on the Table
  • A Barefaced Method
  • Herrmann Pass for Slipping the Cut
  • A Faked Run up
  • The Audacity Run up
  • Using the Spread as a Trick
  • The Hop off the Bottom
  • Topping the Pack
  • A Bottom Run up
  • Overhand False Shuffle and Jog
  • False Shuffle Retaining Top Stock
  • Naming Hole Cards in Stud Poker
  • The Peek with Second or Bottom
  • Dealing in Stud Poker
  • Bottom Deal as Used in a Game
  • The Story of the Cold Deck
  • Dealing Four Aces from Any Pack
  • The Shooting of Pete McGuff
  • Master Poker Dealing
  • Exhibition Poker Feat
  • Pinochle
  • Bridge-Whist
  • Challenge Bridge Demonstration
  • Glossary
  • Combining Passing of Cards with the Pocket Trick
  • A Four Ace Assembly
  • Producing Chosen Card via Spring Flourish
  • The Tip-up Discovery
  • Causing Spectator to Make a Change
  • Rubbing off a Spot
  • The Pack That Cuts Itself
  • To Snap Change
  • Triple Force and Floor Change
  • My Favorite Four Ace Trick
  • More Tricks
  • Conclusion: The Pulse of the Public
  • Bibliography
  • About the Author
  • Recommended Titles

"I have no hesitancy in placing this fine book in a truly superior class. The whole book is thoroughly filled with fine moves." (Frank Stratton in Genii magazine)

"Recommended to all card magicians." (John Mulholland)

"Nelson Hahne has added essential illustrations which make the learning of any sleight that much easier. The gambling routine and its psychology is of inestimable worth." (Lloyd E. Jones)

Magic World revised edition includes a new chapter, plus several edits.

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