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Amazing Magic Square and Master Memory Demonstration by Orville MeyerAmazing Magic Square and Master Memory Demonstration
by Orville Meyer

A double-barreled mental feat of forming a 16-cell magic square at will, with the totals being the same in 22 or more ways. And in this routine, you let the audience choose the total!

At the same time as the magic square is constructed, using a whiteboard, blackboard, or computer projector (not supplied), you also place words called by the audience into the various squares.

When the square is complete, you can be blindfolded, yet are able to recollect the various words and which numbered square they are in.

Or, work it backwards, with the audience calling a number and you name the word in that square!

Orville Meyer reveals his amazingly simplified system that practically works itself.

As featured by many prominent mentalists, who use it to earn valuable publicity and earn a reputation for their super-power brain.

"Will create a sensation." (John Braun)

"A well thought-out and tested routine. An excellent way to get publicity and make an impression." (Lloyd E. Jones)

"For something outstanding in the line of mental magic and memory demonstration, this is tops." (Willard Smith)

Magic World expanded edition features two new chapters plus additional content.

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