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How To Develop an Alarm Clock Mind by Harry Arons How To Develop an Alarm Clock Mind
by Harry Arons

Now you can be like Jack Reacher, with an innate ability to wake yourself at a time of your choosing, as long as you "set" your internal clock before falling asleep.

What an amazing ability! Here's a brilliant manuscript about auto-suggestion or self-hypnosis. Based upon actual experience.

Contains much information about this fascinating phase of hypnosis that can't be found elsewhere. Recommended for anyone interested in the possibilities of hypnotizing him- or herself.

From the Introduction by B. W. McCarron:

"I was first exposed to the concept of the Alarm Clock Mind by reading about the exploits of Jack Reacher, the fictional protagonist in Lee Childís best-selling adventure novels. Reacher has an innate ability to wake himself at any time he desires, as long as he sets his internal clock before falling asleep. What an amazing ability that would be! Naturally, it begs the question: can this be done in real life?

"During my travels, I happened upon an unusual manuscript, buried in the vault of a magic shop, with the title How to Develop an Alarm Clock Mind. Already familiar with the author, Harry Arons, since many of his works were included in the Nelson Enterprises catalogs, I knew that I just had to add this rare edition to my personal library.

"Think how practical this ability would be in your own life: No more worries about sleeping in during winter storms or power outages. No more being late for work because of a dead battery in your travel alarm or smartphone. And no more waking up in the middle of the night to double-check that you indeed remembered to set the alarm in the first place!

"Besides, having an Alarm Clock Mind of your very own makes for a most interesting topic of conversation. It lends an air of mystery or intrigue to you, no matter what your profession. And, should you be a practitioner in the mystery professions: magician, mentalist, hypnotist, etc., this ability also makes tremendous background info to include in your promotional materials that are given to reporters and talk-show hosts.

"One final note. While original copies of Aronís monograph are selling for horrendous prices on the used market, mainly because of a scarce supply (one bookseller is asking $350 for a used copy), I asked the publisher of this edition to price it so that virtually anyone could obtain and master it. Perhaps that had a bearing on why you purchased it. Or maybe youíre just tired of being a slave to the clock! Whatever the reason for your interest in this manuscript, I wish you every success with developing your own ability. May it serve you well."

Revised and updated edition features three new chapters, plus added illustrations.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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