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Al Baker's Exclusive Twenty-Five Dollar Manuscript (Revised Edition)Al Baker's Exclusive $25 Manuscript
by Al Baker

Add to your arsenal of outstanding mental and card effects with this hard to find manuscript from a recognized master of deception.

These exclusive secrets will serve you in good stead throughout your performing career, no matter whether you're a professional, semi-pro, or hobbyist.

Contains ten effects, plus as many as four methods for performing each one, all patiently and painstakingly explained.

You may, in fact, chuckle to yourself as you read the practical, yet diabolical methods -- they're so darned clever. They all have the "Baker Twist", where gimmicks and ruses are used on the off beat, leaving the performer clean at the finish.

Plus, only in this edition, do you receive four methods for constructing your own Al Baker Deck, which he was justifiably proud of.

CONTENTS: Introduction -- Billet Reading Extraordinary -- Two Person Slate Test -- My Method for Getting Rid of the Flap While in the Audience -- It's a Setup! Exchange a Shuffled Pack for a Set-Up One -- Billet Test -- The Pack That Cuts Itself -- The Living and Dead Trick -- Al Baker's Deck -- How to Make the Al Baker Deck -- Mind Reading Card Trick Using the Al Baker Pack -- Prediction Card Trick Using the Al Baker Pack -- About the Author

Originally released in a limited, privately printed release. Now you can own this revised and corrected edition for far less than the cover price.

Magic World revised edition features four new chapters, additional methods, plus other updates.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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(B) Get the print edition from House of Mystery Books.


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