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After the Dessert by Martin GardnerAfter the Dessert
by Martin Gardner

One of magic's greatest minds presents 24 carefully chosen impromptu tricks for the dinner table.

Gardner didn't write this book just to release new material. Instead, it was released for the performer who seeks good, well-tested table effects which don't require elaborate practice, preparation or skill.

While some tricks have been in print before, you'll find new features and twists that double the trick's effectiveness.

Here's what's included:


  • The Curious Fold
  • Naming the Date on a Borrowed Bill
  • Four Piles and a Dollar Bill
  • The Unreversed Word
  • Biting the Cigarette
  • The Magic Inhale
  • Coin Through the Plate
  • Vanishing Coin
  • Testing the Half Dollar
  • Lighting a Match Twice
  • Color Changing Heads
  • Folder Mathematics
  • Shooting the Match
  • Match Folder Wager
  • The Nazi Cross
  • Tapping Table Objects
  • Vanishing Coffee Steam
  • Japanese Paper Bird
  • Travelling Fountain Pen
  • Vanishing Salt Shaker
  • Table Knife Through Body
  • Breaking the Spoon
  • Bending the Spoon
  • Swallowing the Knife
  • Musical Knife
  • Spoon to Knife
  • Vanishing Spoon
  • Character Reading from the Teeth
  • Improvised Brassiere
  • The Invisible Hair

"Thirty tricks, stunts and gags suitable to amuse a dinner-table group. All who want tricks for table work for friends or press should have this book." (John Mulholland)

"Packs plenty of value. Of the twenty-odd close-up, after dinner effects described, I'm already using six. And I'll use others, I assure you." (Bill Larsen)

Magic World Publishers revised print edition contains a new chapter, plus important edits and updates. Illustrated by Nelson Hahne.

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