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Advanced Magic by Joe Ovette Advanced Magic
by Joe Ovette

Back in stock once again in this classic book containing several very fine magical, mental and spirit effects, as you've come to expect from this famous stage magician and mentalist.

The ingenious card tricks, novel illusions, and sage advice make this updated edition a great investment for the club, platform or stage conjuror. Divided into six chapters, each is devoted to a different segment of magic and its working.

The "Dove of Peace" effect alone would sell for twenty dollars, if purchased from a dealer. Likewise, the author reveals his "Matter of Force Deck," which was formerly sold as a dealer item.

Aside from the many tricks and illusions contained in this book, the performer who has a home workshop (or knows someone who does) will certainly want to build and use one of the five described side tables for his act.

Ovette also includes several amusing anecdotes, which are his way of providing pearls of performing and business wisdom without boring the reader.


  • Introduction
  • Tables la Exquisite
  • Fancy Table
  • Wooden Tables
  • Tropic Bamboo Stand
  • Flat Tables
  • Key Card
  • Easy Pickings
  • Superior Ace Effect
  • Matter of Force Deck
  • Unique Card Location
  • The Egyptian Divination
  • A Double Prediction
  • Simple Force
  • Let's Draw Straws (A Forcing Ruse)
  • Novel Change for Pack of Cards
  • Cards and Handkerchief from Anywhere
  • A Useful Hint
  • Eastman Slate Test
  • Spirit Faces on Slate
  • Ink Through Hat (several methods)
  • Useful Exchanging Bag
  • A Deceptive Dodge
  • Spirit Watch
  • 21st Century Magical Transformation
  • Improved Rising Rope
  • The Dove of Peace
  • PART FOUR: MAGIC RAG CHEWING (Advice and Essays)
  • The Professional
  • The Common Object Theory
  • Test of a Magician's Skill
  • A Word About Our Magical Literature
  • Mammoth Flower Production
  • The Human Smokestack
  • Etheria (The Human Airplane)
  • About the Author

"A book of [more than] 25 tricks and illusions, each being an original effect of Ovette. Written in the colloquial style; as you read the description of the tricks, etc., it seems as if Ovette were talking to you and explaining in person. Well worth the price."

—Dr. A. M. Wilson's review in The Sphinx

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