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A Spook Show In Your Parlor by Larsen & McCarronA Spook Show In Your Parlor
by Wm. W. Larsen, Sr.
and B. W. McCarron

Host your own entertaining séance or year-round haunted house with these frightfully spooky stunts!

Not just for Halloween, you'll be the life of the party any time with more than a devil's dozen effects and stunts that take place around the séance table or darkened room. They won't break the (blood) bank, either.

Newly revised, with over 20 pages of added content, including new methods, attractions and ideas to make yours the most talked-about event in your city or town. Don't just perform magic . . . live it in your own house of spooks and ghosts!

Here's a partial look at the contents:

  • The Medium's Secret Release
  • Cemetery Serenade
  • The Wail of The Werewolf
  • Deep in a Tomb
  • Danse Macabre
  • Voodoo and Hoodoo
  • It's Only Human
  • The Rat Race
  • The Spirit Beam
  • Spirit Taps and Touches
  • The Light of Lucifer
  • The Pop-Up Ghost
  • The Phantom Bride
  • Third Hand
  • Room lighting
  • Sound effects
  • Fog
  • Flash pot
  • Smoke pot
  • Bells and smells
  • A favorite toy
  • Music
  • Breaking glass or bottle
  • Things that go bump in the night
  • Falling pictures
  • Last Rites

A great compliment to "The Ghost Book of Dark Secrets" and "Theatre of Blood", this updated book of "blackout" secrets is a must-have addition to your spook magic library.

Revised and enlarged edition, includes four new chapters and 18 added illustrations, with over 20 pages of new material.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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(B) Get the print edition from House of Mystery Books.


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