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79 Tricks and Ideas for the Holidays by Larsen & McCarron79 Tricks and Ideas for the Holidays
by William W. Larsen, Sr.
and B. W. McCarron

Do you want those extra dates between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Then update and transform your act with one or more of these sparkling suggestions for timely holiday magic.

Let your agent or webmaster know that you've added something special to your act for the holiday season and watch those bookings roll in.

If you're interested in earning those EXTRA DOLLARS, this updated book is for you. With 79 ideas for tricks and extra seasonal revenue with Christmas ornaments, Santa Claus, candles, holly wreathes, mistletoe, holly berries, tinsel garlands, gift-wrapped presents, etc.

But don't buy it just to add another book to your library. Instead READ it and USE the material to make this holiday season--and all future ones--the most lucrative you've ever had. Your competition will be reading it, too, so be forewarned, get your copy, and update your act now.

Most of the ideas pertain to apparatus that you already own. However, for the mechanically minded, there are a few things that you can build, or have built, quite inexpensively. One idea alone, with an ordinary dove pan, we feel sure is worth more than the price of the entire book.

Originally published as a collection of 50 practical tips, tricks ideas; now expanded to give you 79 ways to make your holiday shows the best they can be. Plus, many of the ideas may be readily adapted to use the whole year 'round.

PDF format. 37 pages + supplement. Revised and expanded reprint of the 1946 Thayer edition, originally published as "50 Tricks and Ideas for the Holiday Season." Includes two new chapters, 29 added illustrations, and 29 new topics. ($8 US)

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