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52 All Time Best Prop Bets and Bar Stunts by B. W. McCarron52 All Time Best Prop Bets and Bar Stunts
by B. W. McCarron

Don't be a chump!

Learn the inside secrets of grafters, gamblers, con artists and other swindlers that have cost others up to $100 each for the privilege of learning these crafty dodges.

Now you can have them all in this handy, fun how-to book that proves the old adage that a fool and his money are soon parted.

Everyone loves matching wits with the person who knows a proposition bet or "bar betcha" stunt. They're fun to perform . . . and can be profitable, too!

Whether you use these bets for fun, as a means to meet people, gain attention, or to "feather your nest," this outstanding collection will keep you busy for hours on end.

For anyone who loves to fool their victims, a bar betcha stunt is just the ticket to fun and good times. And at a friendly gathering, or with the gang at the local watering hole, this fine collection of cunning stunts practically guarantees that you'll be the life of the party.

Even if you only buy this how-to guide for your own protection you, too, will "get wise" to the scams, cons and nefarious swindles used by bar bet masters the world over.

The purchaser agrees to use this information in accordance with all applicable laws.

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