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Fifty Ways to Produce A Silk by Grant and McCarron Fifty Ways to Produce A Silk
by U. F. Grant
and B. W. McCarron

Here's an astounding collection of 50 entertaining methods of producing one or more colorful silk scarves in your magic act! Perhaps the most comprehensive collection ever published.

Includes methods requiring no props, some with gimmicks that you can make at home, and a nice section on apparatus that you likely already have (or can buy from a dealer) that explains the basic principles involved.

Audiences love effects using silks and handkerchiefs. Make those tricks appear even more magical by producing the scarf from thin air instead of simply picking it up from a table.

A true compendium of secrets that includes both new and time-tested methods. There's surely a solution to fit every magician's unique performance needs.

"I could have saved myself hundreds of dollars at the magic shops if I'd read this manuscript first. Many terrific methods are explained here." —T. A. Whitney

Revised edition includes additional content, new illustrations and scores of edits and updates. Don't let the low price fool you. This is great material!

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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