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40 New Mental Mysteries by North Bigbee (REVISED EDITION) 40 New Mental Mysteries
North Bigbee

40 top rate mental masterpieces with which to astound your audience. For example, can you:

  • Shatter any unprepared highball glass by "thought waves"?

  • Predict the total of any four spectators' numbers without a switch?

  • Divine any word chosen by a spectator without a force, switch pad or clipboard?

If not, then get the secrets to these and 37 other incredible mental and psychic demonstrations, explained in this book.

Most of the demonstrations are geared to the solo, pro or semi-pro performer.

Partial contents:

Triplepic — Thotbreak — Colorcast — Telecolor — Coloread — Spel-A-Color — Recording Angel — Easy Mark — Psychometrix — Adivino — Tele-Ad — Banner Prediction — Bargain Prediction Chest — Super-Predicto — Crystalepathy — Menta-Pix — Tel-Epic — ESPrediction — Televination — Night-Or-Day — Dark Design — Sťance Seership — Beat the Rap — Mentalist's Blue Book — Impromptu Dark Séance — Séance Book Challenge — Popular Book Challenge — Wordivino — Ghost Slate — Any Slate A Clipboard — Dualepathy — Happy Birthday — Astrolepathy — State of Mine — Dream Trip — Jigsaw-Cery — Love-Chain — Poor Boy's Spirit Hand — Impromptu Mental Masterpiece — Numismagic — Bingo Baffler — Nite-Club Bill-Reading — Tele-Miracle — and more!

Raves from the magic press:

"Practical, usable material. Excellent value." (John Braun)

"Modern mentalism and recommended." (Lloyd E. Jones)

"A goldmine for any mentalist." (Sam Aaronson)

"Should make a lot of mentalists happy. A very good book." (Sid Lorraine)

Format: Print book. 86 pages plus supplement.
Revised edition includes additional chapters, and even more great material.

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