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35 Miracles with a Mirror Glass by U. F. Grant and T. A. Whitney 35 Miracles with a Mirror Glass
by U. F. Grant
and T. A. Whitney

Here are 35 miracles you can perform with this most handy magical accessory.

T. A. Whitney teams up with U. F. Grant to bring you nearly three dozen amazing magical tricks, routines and twists using the mirror glass.

Productions, vanishes, transformations, mental effects and more are all described in patient detail, enabling you to add color, flash and mystery to your performances.

Partial Contents

  • Magic Cigarette Maker
  • All the Tea in China
  • Enchanted Necklace
  • Comedy Necklace Trick
  • A Knotty Problem
  • Parade of Silks
  • Instant Shopping
  • Ring on Ribbon
  • The Changing Card
  • Two Card Monte Closer
  • Card Force
  • Sox Appeal
  • Invisible Silk Worm
  • Mind If I Smoke?
  • 21st Century Ribbons
  • Big Money
  • Comedy Big Money
  • Instant Rice
  • Linking Rings, in Miniature
  • Light Surprise
  • Force A Slip
  • Necktie Party
  • Silk Penetration
  • Invisible Silk
  • Change, Please
  • Torn and Restored Card
  • For Better or Worse
  • Cash A Check
  • Instant ATM
  • Diamonds Are Forever
  • Instant Travel
  • Candy's Dandy, But
  • Just Missed the Easter Bunny
  • Happy Birthday
  • Fine Print
  • In Conclusion
  • About the Authors

PDF. 24 pages plus supplement. 2019 revised and updated release of the 1943 E. O. Drane first edition. Includes 13 pages of new content, including 4 new chapters, 10 new effects and numerous performance notes. All presented in nice, crystal clear text. ($3 US)

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