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35 Rising Card Tricks by U. F. Grant and T. A. Whitney 35 Rising Card Tricks
by U. F. Grant
and T. A. Whitney

From the Introduction by T. A. Whitney:

"The rising cards trick is one of my favorite effects in the entire realm of magic. Properly performed, it transforms a simple take-a-card trick into a masterpiece of mystery.

"Not only does the performer somehow locate the spectator's correct cards, but they also somehow levitate from the center of the deck, rising gracefully in the air.

"Just because you don't have sufficient stage space to levitate a beautiful lass, you can still cause objects to defy the law of gravity. And, if your subject happens to select a Queen from the deck, you’ve fulfilled your promise (in your advertising) to float a lady!"

There's surely something here that any performer can put to good use in their own act.

Several dealer methods are also given, including effects for close-up, impromptu, platform, stage and TV. A very handy reference for any performer.

This revised edition includes three new chapters, ten new tips, and nine added illustrations.

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