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26 Living and Dead Tests by Teral Garrett (REVISED EDITION) 26 Living and Dead Tests
Teral Garrett

Here are 26 tested methods and presentations for performing this terrific psychic demonstration that guarantees audience participation.

Teral Garrett,editor of the Psycho-Gizmo mentalist's magazine, reveals over two dozen inside secrets for the Living and Dead billet test. With such a variety of methods at your disposal, now you can present this mind-blowing mystery anywhere you go.

Whether you perform at parties, banquets, theater stages, or at intimate performances right under the noses of the spectators, the Living and Dead Test is one that you should add to your routine.

And of course, you can use the methods for other demonstrations as well, such as: current and retired employees - those with and without military service - a favorite teacher and one you've never had - a former employer and one never worked for - custom license plate numbers and one fictitious plate - the list goes on and on.

Format: Print book. 40 pages plus supplement.
Revised edition includes additional chapters, and even more great material.

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