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25 Improved One Man Mindreading Secrets by U. F. Grant and T. A. Whitney 25 Improved One Man Mindreading Secrets
by U. F. Grant and
T. A. Whitney

No matter if you're a magician, looking for a feature stunt to get your name across, or a psychic entertainer who needs a crowd-pulling miracle to fill a theater, you're sure to find a lot to choose from in this great collection.

Take a look at the cover and you'll get an idea of the tremendous range of mental tests offered. Everything from close-up to party, platform, and stage presentations are included. Openers, closers and everything in between.

Best yet, especially for today's performers and audiences, we've given the material a fresh slant, with a healthy dose of updates, suggestions, performance notes and alternative approaches that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

All of us have paid $50 or more for a single effect. And if it wasn't something we could immediately use, it sits in a drawer. Here, for far less money, are more than two dozen reputation-making miracles, all begging to be put into your act.

Magic World revised edition features three new chapters, with 26 pages of new content in all.

Format: Physical book.

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