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Thayer's 21st Century Mindreading Act by Hereward CarringtonThayer's 21st Century Mindreading Act
by Hereward Carrington

Liz and Tommy Tucker. Falkenstein and Willard. Lucille and Eddie Roberts. The Piddingtons. What did these acts have in common? They were all GREAT and they featured a two-person mentalism act!

In this release, Hereward Carrington presents a two-person mentalism act that doesn't require hidden or electronic gimmicks. All you need are two people and this easy-to-master system. Whether they be husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, brother and sister, coworkers or simply two unreleated, but arresting personalities who desire to set the mentalism world on its ear again, the time is right for you to and your partner to use this system.

Is it dificult to learn? If you know the alphabet, you're half way there. We won't lie, any code act requires some practice. But the results are incredible. Blow your audience away by divining your audience's mental thoughts, the amount of change in someone's pocket, the name of a first love, or their birthdate or anniversary. Just the ticket for today's casino showroom floor shows.

Just think of the possibilities for presenting an act of this kind! Goes over great at conventions, public shows, open mics, fairs, festivals, theaters, family reunions, telethons, fundraising galas, and more. This is different and fun! No electronics. No actual telepathic powers needed.

This book is offered in both digital and print editions.
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