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21 Table Lifting Methods by S. W. Reilly & B. W. McCarron21 Table Lifting Methods
Used by Fake Mediums
by S. W. Reilly & B. W. McCarron

Here are 21 clever methods used by mentalists, psychics, magicians and fake mediums to make tables tilt, levitate and dance about the floor.

Covers methods used by famous performers, fraudulent mediums, and even the very latest floating table effects available from dealers.

Also includes a method where a table--with a person sitting in the center of it--is made to levitate. And best of all, the person on table won't know how the effect was accomplished!

Whether you perform a solo act, or have a touring company with assistants and stagehands, you're sure to find a method that works for your performing environment.

Impromptu methods are included, too. Now you can make a table "rise to the occasion" anywhere you happen to be.

Magic World Publishers expanded edition with ten new chapters and seven added illustrations. Includes important edits, clarifications and updates.

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